Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Gypsy Carriage

Let me show you where we stayed earlier this year.


An old railway carriage, converted into a tiny home.

Painted in bright colours, like a gypsy caravan.


But more special, more unique.

It had a double bed up close to the ceiling.

And a chair to stand on to help you clamber in.

A roll topped bath.


Hand painted wood, the Somerset hills.

A recently planted orchard in the garden. 

Young trees pushing their spindly branches up towards the sky.

Everywhere, green life reaching out, striving to extend itself.

Strengthening itself against the oncoming blows of the wind and the rain.

Over time to bud and flower, to wither, to renew itself or to die.
 When we stayed there, I wondered what the railway carriage might have seen in its hundred years.

As it moved through the changing natural landscape, and changing human landscape too.

Who were the people who travelled within it

to their many destinations,
carrying the weight of their disappointments and losses behind them.

Driven forward by hope, and the light of the present moment.

 Those flashes of joy.
Driven, too, by their dreams of what might happen next in their lives.

I wondered, of those who found what they'd wanted, how many felt it to be enough? 
Perhaps some. Certainly not all.

And those who felt they hadn't enough, did they keep moving on with the propulsion of the railway carriage, forward forward forward until grinding to a halt, hoping finally to be restored?

These photographs were taken at the gorgeous Orchard Carriage near Frome, Somerset UK.
The carriage is available for holiday let, and you can contact the owners and make a booking at:


  1. Beyond charming!! Did you want ot move in??? It's wonderful!!!

  2. I so wanted to move in! Or to take it home with us! Dreams are being made to create our own little painted place one day. In the meantime there are gorgeous gypsy huts and caravans all around the UK to visit! x

  3. I'm completely smitten with that accomodation. I love every single detail in this wonderful carriage. Thank you for sharing the link too. Hugs from Miss Maple

    1. It's a magical place! I'm a big fan of glamping and we've stayed in many a cabin and shepherd's hut over the last few years since I discovered Canopy & Stars. It feels so special holidaying in a unique little place:)

  4. Ahhhhh, I see where the header came from! Love it! My grandmother, born in 1918, was raised in a covered wagon. They traveled around with their wares and their "moving picture show" whatever that was! This reminds me of that. xoxo Lynn

    1. O wow Lynn how amazing that your granny was born in a wagon, sounds incredible! Do you have anything from that time to remind you of her moving picture show days? I'd love to see it!


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