Saturday, 11 May 2013

Gypsy Spring

Oh I am a cat that likes to
Gallop about doing good
One day when I was
Galloping about doing good, I saw
A figure in the path; I said
Get off! (Be-
I am a cat that likes to
Gallop about doing good)
But he did not move, instead
He raised his hand as if
To land me a cuff
So I made to dodge so as to
Prevent him bringing it orf,
Un-for-tune-ately I slid
On a banana skin
Some Ass had left instead
Of putting in the bin. So
His hand caught me on the cheek
I tried
To lay his arm open from wrist to elbow
With my sharp teeth
Because I am
A cat that likes to gallop about doing good.
Would you believe it?
He wasn’t there
My teeth met nothing but air,
But a Voice said: Poor Cat,
(Meaning me) and a soft stroke
Came on me head
Since when
I have been bald.
I regard myself as
A martyr to doing good
Also I heard a swoosh
As of wings, and saw
A halo shining at the height of
Mrs Gubbins’s backyard fence,
So I thought: What’s the good
Of galloping about doing good
When angels stand in the path
And do not do as they should
Such as having an arm to be bitten off
All the same I
Intend to go on being
A cat that likes to
Gallop about doing good
Now with my bald head I go,
Chopping the untidy flowers down, to
and fro,
An’ scooping up the grass to show
The cinder path of wrath
Ha ha ha ha, ho,
Angels aren’t the only ones who do
not know
What’s what and that
Galloping about doing good
Is a full time job
That needs
An experienced eye of earthly
Sharpness, worth I dare say
(if you’ll forgive a personal note)
A good deal more
Than all that skyey stuff
Of angels that make so bold as
To pity a cat like me that
Gallops about doing good.
The Galloping Cat by Stevie Smith, via 1
 The Outfit:
Vintage 1970s Sweetheart Neckline Green Dress: from Ebay
Pink Shawl: a gift from a friend
Vintage Bracelets: passed down from granny Penny
Purple Embroidered Pumps: a gift from Barcelona from darling Mr Eve
Hoop Vintage Style Earrings: Accessorize

The Cat:
our girl Nico

The Soundtrack
Django Reinhardt: Anthology

Photographs taken by me, self portraits using the timer on my little digital camera.

I'm delighted to be a part of the next Visible Monday, hosted by the lovely Patti from, click on the website link to see her outfit and those of many others.



  1. How cute that your brought kitty along too! Lovely garden pictures.

  2. Hi there,
    firstly let me say that I love your blog, secondly sorry for being crapping slothful at commenting especially in view of all the lovely comments you've left over on mine (thanks a million)...I will try hard to mend my neglectful ways ;)
    Your outfit is divine and you look lovely. That vintage 70s frock is the bees-knees, there's some really interesting panelling work going on which obviously lends the dress its great shape, the flutter sleeves are adorable and you can't beat a sweetheart neckline. Green is definitely 'top of the hues' at the mo and I love it teamed with fuchsia pink, stunning! Nico is gorgeous, give her a wee cuddle from me will you :)
    Have a fab rest of the weekend and again thanks for your lovely comments...xXx

  3. The thoughtful bias cut on the dress makes for a very pretty design line. Your friend must know you very well. Your scarf is just so You.

    I love today's poetry and seeing Nico enjoy her surroundings A warm hello to Nico. We are on a busy street, and though I have created a mostly secure back garden where my kitties can enjoy some sun with my supervision, I know they would love to be able to explore a garden as vast and glorious as yours.

    Sue xo

  4. What a zingy and uplifting colour combination in the green and pink. Even without the sun and blossom of your garden it exudes Spring energy. And I do so enjoy your choices of poetry to accompany your posts - I always look forward to seeing what you have selected.

  5. a beautiful welcome to summer.

  6. I want to join you on this caravan and dance around those beautiful flowers while Nico just hangs!
    I love the color combination and those lovely shoes!

  7. Gorgeous green dress, the cut and fit is lovely. And such beautiful photos, you certainly are enjoying spring over there. I just love this poem; I will be sure to share it with some fellow cat people.

  8. Pink and green, my favourite combination! That dress is bloody gorgeous and shows of your fabulous bod a treat! Nico's a beauty and I loved the poem. x

  9. A beautiful dress, great colour combination, and perfectly (purrfectly?) accessorised by darling Nico! And sunshine and flowers, making it even better than it already was!

  10. As always it is impossible for me to pick a favourite photo of you, you are just too beautiful Emalina! The shots of you sitting down are just divine and I love how your adorable little kitty poddled into some of the shots :D Where I am today it's a miserable cold autumn day and it's raining outside so looking at these pictures is especially wonderful.

  11. Such a fun pink and green spring picnic with Nico the cat. Perhaps I'll happen along to join you next time.

  12. What a wonderful colour combo and lucky you to find such a beautiful dress on ebay!
    I really love the flowers and plants in your garden and Nico is such a cutie pie!
    Have a wonderful week dear Emalina! xxxx

  13. Love those intense bright colours. That is such a pretty cat.

  14. Pink and green scream spring, and ohhhhhh the shoes. Another enchanting post with gorgeous photos, you amidst flowers, and text. You're tempting me to start thinking about a cat, with your photos of the divine Nico.

  15. What a wonderful spring day, and Nico is such a darling companion. Your dress and scarf are lovely! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  16. Such magic-love these pictures!

    blue hue wonderland

  17. The colours and spring setting in these images are just breathtaking. What a lovely dress, it's such a beautiful cut. Loving all the flowers, sunshine and smiling I'm seeing in this post, you and Nico look like you're enjoying soaking up that sun.

  18. I hope you take time to hostess a tea in that dress this spring, or wear it out to dinner ... with silver sandals maybe? However it gets to go out, you'll look lovely in it again. Thank you for showing us everything here. I read The Galloping Cat to my husband, while one of ours crawled up on his stomach to purr herself to sleep. Stevie Smith was new to me, so thanks for that as well. We, like you, have always listened to Django Reinhardt. Very nice ideas!
    Enjoy your spring-time.

  19. wow so much beauty let me speechless! that green dress is amazing and a pleasure for my eyes with that pink shawl! you look amazing!
    i hope you are having a wonderful week!

  20. gah I NEED that dress in my life! It looks so awesome on you!

  21. What a perfect color for spring! The kitty looks pretty pleased as well! ;-)

  22. I love this brave combination of green and fuchsia, it really suits you. The dress is beautiful, the photos are beautiful and the flowers of the blooming tree are also beautiful (actually, never seen such flowers, what is it?).

  23. Emalina, your blog is so lovely! The pictures are so vibrant and yet there is a soft and ethereal quality about them. The green and pink are pretty together, and I love that you include the trees and the flowers! Makes me want to get outside! You are beautiful as always!


  24. what a nice post!
    I love the backdrop and love the green dress with the fuschia shawl!
    So pretty!


  25. The flowers a leaving their winter sleep to see you in green and pink, my beautiful Emalina.

  26. Love the dress, the scarf, the shoes and above all the kitty...Lovely photos as always x

  27. A gypsy goddess! The dress is beautiful and I love, love, love the shoes!

  28. Such a cute kitty! Love the hot pink with the green!

  29. Endlessly lovely springtime ensemble. I adore how your headscarf is the most vibrant colour in these great snaps and beautiful outdoor setting. It gives a sense of the punchy summer palette that's just around the corner, while in no way detracting from the paler hues of spring.

    ♥ Jessica


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