Thursday, 27 June 2013

Beach Hut Life


She goes, she is, she wakes the waters
primed in their wave-form, a flux of urge
struck into oneness, the solid surge
seeking completion, and strikes and shatters
and is its fragments, distinction’s daughters
and now, unholding, the cleave and merge
the hew and fusing, plundering the verge
and substance is the scheme it scatters
and what it numbers in substantial sun.
Her hands hold many or her hands hold none.
And diving the salt will kiss a convex eye
and be salt fact and be the bodied sky
and that gray weight is both or beggared one,
a dead dimensional, or blue begun.
(She goes, she is, she wakes the waters) by Karen Volkman via 1

The Outfit:
Pale Yellow Breton Top: bought in a charity shop, originally from Boden
Red Gingham Capri Pants: bought in a different charity shop, originally from H&M
Straw Hat: bought in yet another charity shop, originally from Accessorize
Vintage Rose Print Scarf Tied Around Hat: from Kiki
Sunglasses: from the High Street can't remember where
Nude Pumps: very old from New Look
The Soundtrack
Beth Orton: She Cries Your Name 
Portraits of me taken by my Mum on my little digital camera while we had lunch together at our beach hut, other photos taken by me. 
As Mr Eve and I live near to my folks, every summer we all share the cost to rent this little hut at a nearby beach.
I'm delighted to be a part of the next Visible Monday, hosted by the lovely Patti from, click on the website link to see her outfit and those of many others.
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  1. Very jealous you are at the beach. Lovely photos! (and poem - inspired choice for the images) Where are you? I think I have been here - right on this same stretch with all these colourful boat houses.

  2. How nicely warm and happy you look and how great to be able to enjoy the colors of the ocean, the hut colors and show some skin against the bright sun!
    I would love to see Mr. Eve, your folks and the inside of the hut...maybe next time?

  3. Ooooh, a beach hut! I'm all tears in my eyes emotional, and I can't imagine why...perhaps I had a beach hut in a previous life. It just looks so romantic and magical, and English seaside. {Sigh} And you my darling, you look the perfect ingenue in your red gingham and yellow breton. Sometimes I think we could be sisters.

    Sue xo

  4. Beautiful by the see, my derest Emalina.
    Love and sunshine always.

  5. Oh, I miss the sea! I've just finished reading the Fortnight In September and it poppped into my mind because the family in that rent a hut on the beach.

  6. wow, you look so 40s/50s with this outfit and in this lovely scenery!

  7. Can't show this post to my husband, because if he should be my stylist he would give me exactly that outfit (and I know that I don't look good in trausers, but you really do!).

  8. Ahh, to be by the sea, that would be lovely... I love this alternative version of a nautical look with different colours, very 1950s/ Audrey Hepburn, and so pretty! xxx

  9. Feeling envious :) It is soooo nice to spend time at the place like this, watching the sea waves and walking along the pebble beach. You look super pretty and sexy in your simple outfit.

  10. Was your outfit planned to match the beach hut and parasol so beautifully, or was it serendipity? Either way, it's a stunning combination of you plus backdrop that evokes 'British seaside' to perfection.

  11. Wonderful images, I love how you've matched your ensemble to the umbrella and the chairs. The combination of that gorgeous beach, your pastel outfit and the huts looks picture perfect.

  12. What a beautiful hut, the perfect back-drop for the incredible you, so jealous of the warm weather...Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog xxx

  13. This is absolutely gorgeous! So quaint and lovely and would bring out the poet in just about anyone. I love it. My husband's family has beach cabanas, but they aren't quite so picturesque! These are amazing and you look like you belong in a postcard...
    xo ~kim

  14. Hello lovely Emalina, I nominated you for a Liebster. You can check by my blog if you are interested in participating.

  15. oh those pictures are so beautiful, you made me smile here and i wish i could have lunch with you there on the beach! a cute and refreshing outfit! you remind me a bit of audrey hepburn;)
    love and kiss,mary

  16. Oh, I'd love to have a beach hut!
    What fun pictures, and a perfect outfit for a day at the beach.

  17. What a joy!! The ocean, people you love, pebbles to collect, and breezes to savor. You look like a gorgeous pin-up girl of the early '40's, before you're discovered by Hollywood. Just perfect!!!

  18. I agree with Jean, you do look like a gorgeous pin-up girl!...The pants are just perfect. Great photos and beautiful colors.

    blue hue wonderland

  19. Love the view. Your outfit is so comfy for a day in the outdoors, too.

    If you have a sec, I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest:

  20. You are a dream! I love the water and pebbles!


  21. Oh, these photo's are stunning. They are a vintage summer delight. I am terribly in love with the beach huts, I haven't seen these before but what a brilliant idea and just a photo perfect setting. You, my dear, add to this background the elegance and charm of the century.

  22. Beautiful photos and I love that hat!

  23. How jealous am I! A beach hut, perfect weather and those fabulous pants!

  24. What a wonderful idea ... wee beach huts for rent! Glad you're having fun here, and you look cool and summery and very pretty in your pastels. Have a great summer.

  25. Loving those beach hiuts, you never see anything like that around here



  26. The beach hut concept is brilliant. Functional yet colorful, and perfect for time at the beach. You do beach holiday as beautifully as you do the other settings that delight the senses. Love Kiki's scarf on your summer hat!

  27. Beautiful poem. Love that you tucked it in to this lovely post (the beach huts in a colorful, intimate a fairy tale). Your outfit (ah, a hat!!!) is inspiring, breezy, sweet.

  28. You are simply so fabulous. Beautiful clothes and location, and I love that Beth Orton song!

  29. Oh you lucky duck! I love beach huts, I think I'd expire with excitement to go in one!
    Your outfit is so sweet, you've a bod to die for and legs that go on for ever! xxx

  30. Hi you have a Very Nice Blog. . .
    What about we follow each other? let me know :)

  31. Ah, I#d love one of those huts as well! Lovely combo with the pants and that cute shirt! Great, suptle pattern mixing!

  32. Great style for a stylish leasure time at a stylish place!

  33. How very marvelous! I adore the seaside holiday culture that abounds in parts of the UK. Here in Canada, though people do certainly flock to the ocean and lakes alike the moment the mercury starts to shoot up, (by and large) we've never really had the same kind of long standing tradition with taking seaside vacations that exists in your lovely land (here we tend to head off into the woods to go camping, nestle in cottages on the lake, or traverse the endless stretches of highway on road trips all season).

    ♥ Jessica


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