Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Portraits & Mirrors

Must I, in this question I am asking, include myself
Asking it? Must I include my face—
My face that I cannot see—through which I speak
This question about my eyes, about the field
Of vision, in which my hands press down these letters
Unattached to my arms? The sunlight
Comes in the window and lights up my hands
As they work. The world is not being kind
But there is the sensation of kindness.
There is an appeal to a rule when we realize a term
Behaves uncomfortably. God falls down
Into grammar and says I am but the words are spoken
From a bush on fire. God is included in this grammar
Philosophy offers to the fly stuck in the bottle—
There it is on the table, walking in circles within the empty
Bottle, pausing only to rub its forelegs together,
In anticipation or prayer. I remember
Walking into the glass-walled museum and seeing myself
Reflected in the head and in the belly of the metal rabbit’s
Mirror-like skin. This was not long ago, this experience
Of the ancient world, reason simultaneous with appetite,
Watching myself think, seeing my eyes thinking,
My body a body that contained this thinking
That I write in the margins of the books I read, a script
That over time appears less legible, a form
Of cuneiform I cannot read myself what I wrote
In the margins. There is a fragment that floats in the air
Floating in my mind, spoken by a voice not mine:
To study circumcises the heart and calms,
The book steadies the heart [many words are missing
Or illegible] if not, to turn away,
Fire courses through the veins [many words are
Missing or illegible] then
Anger, anger. Leaning back in the tall grass,
Putting my book aside, my toe covers the sun.
I am imagining this world but I’m inviting you in
So I can join you. In the old language, the language
No one ever spoke, the language whose words
In the scholarly papers are marked by stars,
Asterisks that say this word exists by not existing,
The imaginary root pushing down from the sky
Into our heads, the root of the tongue;
In this language “I” meant “here,” it did not mean “me,”
It meant a location in which this body I am
Was not an expression of love but a word of
Presence. Here I am. Voice in a boundary.
In this place I am I once had a dream.
Cylindrical seals rolled across the earth
Printing in the mud the image of a woman braiding
Her hair was loose and then her hair was bound.
These roads end at the horizon where I also end,
Present in this world as the alphabet is present
In this poem. *I. *I. Sometimes *I like to stutter.
*I like to think the sky is blue. *I see sometimes it’s red.
More soon on the nature of impossible constructions.  
The man in the moon. The sea rose. The living room.
Museums by Dan Beachy-Quick, via 1
The Outfit:
White Linen Wide Leg Trouser Suit: from a charity shop
White Top Underneath: very old from the high street
Vintage Pearl Necklace: passed down from late granny Penny
Faux Pearl Bracelets: from Accessorize
Faux Wolf Fur Shrug: present from an ex boyfriend over a decade ago
Two Tone Leather Brogues: bought in the sale from Toast
The Soundtrack
Claude Debussy: Estampes Pagodes
Photographs of me by Mr Eve, taken when we went for a drink at Combe House, using my little digital camera. 
I'm behind on my post visits, as usual, but looking forward to catching up on all your lovely blogs in the coming days!
I'm delighted to be a part of the next Visible Monday, hosted by the lovely Patti from, click on the website link to see her outfit and those of many others.


  1. You wear trousers so beautifully! The fake fur shrug is a perfect touch and I love that grand mirror behind you. xxx
    PS I have lots of size 10 maxi dresses. Hopefully by this time next week they'll be up and available! xxx

  2. Today you look so aristocratic, Emalina! Pearls, fur shrug, the white costume...Beautiful as always

  3. Mr. Eve did such a wonderful job with your photos! You have such a perfectly classic profile my dear!
    Is Combe House an old country house or it's a hotel?
    An listening to Claude Debussy: Estampes Pagodes, is so suiting for a place like this one and for the outfit that you are wearing.

  4. I am fascinating by morros, and if I add you, then absolute perfection, my dear poet and beautiful Emalina.
    You make me dream beautiful dreams.

  5. Oh my god, you looks so elegant in this wonderful scenery. You do have a very elegant, fine attitude, like a porcelain doll or a fairy. Love you wearing that wonderful suit.

  6. Gorgeous suit! White linen suits always remind me of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

    Sarah xxx

  7. Beautiful as always. I love the linen suit and all the accessories. Your hair looks lovely and the setting is divine. All that plus poetry and music? I'm happy. :-)

  8. This evening is the perfect time for me to catch up on your lovely posts. They are always so thoughtful and I savor the, poetry, fashion, beauty. This poem was heavy, and I broke into a big grin when I saw your smiling face at the end of the poem. I felt you were smiling right at me. Lovely in white today, ethereal despite the cut of the garments.

    Sue xo

  9. Elegance is the word that comes to mind! Enhancing your suit with the faux fur is brilliant and you and the mirror are equally gorgeous. The chandelier in the mirror is another detail that I just noticed. What a fabulous place to have a drink and take photos!

  10. You look completely elegant! I love mirrors and portraits! I am way behind on blogs too. The Mister and I stole away to the beach for a few days, and I am still playing catch up!! Your hair looks lovely! All shiny and wavy -- it's dreamy!


  11. Very elegant and beautiful - of course, you always are! White suits make me think of Bianca Jagger! xxx

  12. wow i haven´t seen you in pants before i think?? but this suit is absolutely fabulous on you and i have to agree with the lady above you definitely remind me of bianca jagger too!
    lots of love and kisses,mary

  13. Gosh that suit is simply spectacular and you found it second hand???? Amazing!! You look perfect at Combe House, a wee bit of a cheeky smile going on there and loads of sass - the wrap is superb with the pinstripes! Big hugs darling! xoxoxoxo

  14. Sharp looking suit.. love the white!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  15. Wow, the linen suit is so classic and you've made it wonderfully feminine. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with Vis Monday, and thank you for your kind comments xoxoxo

  16. '"I" means "here."' That's exactly how I was feeling today, the same questions I was asking. I like how your image in modern cut suit, beautifully worn, reflects against a backdrop that recalls times gone by. Stunning.

  17. Thank you for your beautiful words, my darling Emalina.

  18. Very pretty the faux fur caught my eye! very unusual and original especially with Granny Penny's pearl and that beautiful suit!
    Well done!


  19. Looking lovely, and suitably louche! Looks like you had a wonderful visit.

  20. Once again you have introduced a new poet for me to research. Thank you! I want to read the poem again and again, slowly, when I have time to linger and loiter.
    And what an outfit - pure elegance to match the setting.

  21. That fur shrug/stole is THE BUSINESS. Absolutely stunning.

  22. Oooh, this outfit exudes such confidence, elegance, swagger (in a wholly good way), and boundless style. My first thought is how very much Marlene Dietrich would have loved (and asked to borrow) it. You look grand as can be, my dear!

    ♥ Jessica

  23. That suit is a find! Very elegant! And love the way you casually added the uber glam fur stole with it. Takes the outfit to a whole new level!

  24. This is a divine outfit. I need to find one for this winter.


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