Friday, 23 August 2013

Watering The Roses



They are fleeting.

They are fragile.

They require

little water.

They’ll surprise you.

They’ll remind you

that they aren’t

and they are you.
Flowers by Wendy Videlock, via 1



The Outfit:
Vintage 1970s Cheesecloth Tie Front Cropped Shirt: from Oxfam Online Shop.
Boyfriend Jeans: very old from H&M
Pink Wedge Sandals: from Brazil
Black Hat: old from the High Street
The Soundtrack
Lana Del Rey: Blue Jeans 
All photographs taken by Mr Eve and myself this summer.
 I am delighted to be a part of the next Visible Monday, hosted by the lovely Patti from Not Dead Yet Style, click on the website link to see her outfit and those of many others.
I've been away for work much of this week so am behind on my blog post visits.
Look forward to dropping by soon!


  1. I have to say that (in the best possible way) you look like a dreamy 70s teenager, in a picture-perfect garden. You evoke all the glories of summer and its fleeting blooms.

  2. Hello my dear friend I am back and very glad to see your post and the beautiful YOU in the garden.

  3. Gorgeous, and dreamy is right! Another incredibly lovely post with a perfect poem. xoxo

  4. Very sexy! I love the low cut jeans, shows off your amazing waistline and abs!

  5. Girl, look at you! You've got the sort of stomach I am aiming for. Four children ago, I think I had it down pat! You are always so feminine, though, never over the top. You are just gorgeous.


  6. Ditto've taken me right back to the seventies, and in a good way, which is complicated, LOL.

  7. Hello darlin'!!! You're watering my favourite flower, roses. I love them so very much, the way their petals unfold and bloom, their scent moving from delicate and sweet to heady and full ... a bit like ageing actually come to think of it. Puss is so enjoying having mama to itself: "can I show my fave secret sleeping spot and the place I saw the mouse please mama?" Look at your smile and your abs!! Love everything about this post and oh my, Lana would be my song inspiration here too!! xoxoxoxoxo

  8. Beautiful photos! You look so sexy in this casual outfit.

  9. Oh what a beauty, those jeans are absolutely amazing on you! Your figure is also gorgeous, by the way :)

  10. you look so lovely! what a wonderful figure you have! it´s so nice to see you casual and beautiful surrounded by your sweet kitty and the roses;)
    love and kiss,mary

  11. I am loving the 1970s chick look! I well remember those cropped cheesecloth shirts with a tie front, I bought one from the market when I was a young teen and thought I was the bee's knees wearing it with jeans and wedge sandals, just like you!
    Gorgeous pics as always. Such beautiful roses, and lovely Nico is the perfect accessory! xxxx

  12. This post demands two soundtracks. You need Dolly Parton aswell ...

  13. I like the vintage tie front shirt, it looks really cute paired with the jeans :)

  14. Such a pretty look, with your casual shirt tied up. The roses are exquisite, and thanks for sharing the beauty with Visible Monday.

  15. Roses are my favorite flower, and you have the perfect outfit for watering the beauties in your garden. Your portray the 70's beautifully, but in a way that's relevant to 2013. And your poem is lovely.

  16. Glorious images, Emalina. You look like you're from a 70's teen 'summer love' fashion shoot. Gorgeous bluebells (and you) in the post below as well.

    Loved your poem and images in 'The Mermaid's Tail' as I was reading I was thinking "wow, I can't wait to find out who wrote this so I can look up more of their work" what an amazing poet you are!

  17. ...and now I'm kicking myself for selling my cheesecloth tie-front blouse a couple of weeks ago (although she was an adorable 12 year-old with blonde bunches!)
    Love this on you, a lovely natural look, busy amidst your lovely garden! xxxx

  18. Somewhere in a photo of long ago, I seem to remember an outfit similar to this. It would have been the late '70's, on a gorgeous summer day. You took me back in such a lovely way!!! You look charming and adorably alluring as you tend the beautiful flowers. XXXOOO

  19. Impossible not to smile at every frame ... can almost smell the rose. Lovely you. Your kitty?

  20. Awwwww! roses my favorite! When i get married, yes it is true, next year, I want a bouquet of pink roses - I see you got your shirt at Oxfam on line, wow! Wonder if they ship to Canada?
    Fabulous pics Emalina!
    Every time i see you pics it's like entering a fantasy land, very unique!

    Ariane xo

  21. My goodness how lovely! You are rocking the classic, beautiful farm girl look here so spectacularly - and what a stunning setting to do it in. Roses are my favourite flowers of all time, and the first I'd plant (in abundance!) if I had a garden of my own.

    ♥ Jessica

  22. this is quite a new look on you but i love it. you look great in jeans and a plaid shirt.

  23. ooo you look so gorgeous! i must say i do not look like this when i water my i wish i did! I think your roses must bloom hundredfold more just for you being there! x


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