Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Deer Serenade

as crows fly
in the dawn light
on the cold hill
the deer are running

the thud of their hooves
on the bed of the stream
is the drum that rocks
the roots of the birch
and the wind that shakes
the birch tree’s leaves

rain is their tribe song
rain is their robe

snow is the dust
of the bones of deer
falling to earth

and earth is the dark
deep silence of things
where you dream yourself
human, alive
watching the red deer running
on the wall of a cave

Deer by Chris Powici, via 1

The Outfit:
Pink Dress: gift from my Mum from a Boden sale a few years ago
Pink Silk Patterned Skirt: made by granny Kiki in the 1950s/60s
Cowboy boots: very old from R Soles
Wooden Bracelet: Granny Penny's
The Soundtrack:
Kate Bush: The Jig Of Life
All photographs taken by me in our garden, self portraits using the self timer.
I'm posting this a bit early as will be very busy over the next few days.
Looking forward to catching up with your new posts over the weekend!


  1. I'm so over-excitable when I see deer - my friend lives on a nature reserve and I'm forever screeching when they start munching on the hedge, but they are so cute and I'm a blogger so it's the law!
    Love Granny's skirt worn layered up like that and pink really suits you! xxx

  2. The skirt and dress look made to be worn together - and what a pretty colour, would we call that raspberry? Since you have had a berry-fest this summer, that seems appropriate!
    Deer are so beautiful. My sister gets muntjac in her garden and moans about the damage they do, but as local wildlife goes, I would be happy to have them!
    PS. Littlest spotted your guitar, and wanted to know what song you were playing! xxx

  3. My eyes were drawn instantly to the intricate colourful pattern on that skirt and I was wondering whilst reading whether it would turn out to be a handmade travel find from India or Turkey or the like. But no, even more amazing - something exquisitely beautiful made at the hands of your talented grandmother yet again. Wonderful outfit and how wonderful you get to see deer!

  4. You really look like your blogs namesake in these photos - an enchanting gypsy! I am so very jealous that you get these sweet creatures in your backyard. Deer are such incredible animals! The other day I went for my jog at night and a giant reindeer, antlers and all, jumped right out of the bushes and stood there staring at me! It was the first time I'd ever seen a deer up close, it was amazing :)

  5. Wow so nice to have wildlife in your backyard. I guess you don't care for them eating the flowers though.

    I love the layering and that skirt is gorgeous. Also great cowboy boots. Nice eclectic mix.


  6. You live in such amazing place! Seeing deer just like that - out of your window or in the wild just a few steps away from you. Beautiful skirt and I love the way you combined it with the dress.

  7. Love those boots Emalina. The boots and the guitar are awesome accessories. Takes the outfit into a slightly bohemian look, and I love it!

    Deer are such gentle souls, aren't they. I used to see quite a few, but as development continues, I see less and less wildlife around here.

  8. Hi Emalina!

    That is a good idea the dress with the skirt -
    Isn't wonderful to have a deer in ones backyard, all we have here are stray cats and squirrels!
    Do you play the guitar?


  9. My darling Emalina, how didn´t I see this post, ahhhhhhhhh

  10. So cool! Having a deer in the backyard!!! So much love for your pictures, thanks for sharing x

  11. well i´m not surprised that also the deers adore you, it´s normal for fairies to be in total harmony with nature and surrounded by animals of the forests and you always look a bit like a beautiful fairy;) great pictures and i have so much love for those boots;)

  12. I'm still getting used to the deer over here in the UK. There are the cute little Roe deer with their fuzzy antlers and tiny, tiny bodies (I think that is what is in your photo), and the Stags up here in Scotland, which are like American antelopes. They're HUGE (especially when they jump out in front of your car). I was used to the American Whitetail deer that are medium sized….the first time I saw a Roe deer I thought that there had been a jailbreak at the petting zoo.

    Also, love your long over long look. Love the fuchsia.

  13. WOW! You, that incredible outfit and that guitar... too much for me, you really flash me! what a perfect look! really gypsy, gypsy queen!

  14. Kate Bush - YES! How appropriate for this post. You look like a beautiful, wandering minstrel among the trees, matching the grace of the deer. What I'm amazed by with deer (we have a few in nearby woods) is how silently they move before suddenly bursting across ones path; waves in full flow.

  15. Great idea to combine a dress with a patterned long skirt. Fun with the short boots and downright magical in this environment. I love deer, such gentle souls. We have many here in the upper midwest also.

    blue hue wonderland

  16. Layering the dress over your skirt is brilliant. The guitar is a beautiful accessory and I'm wondering if you're revealing yet another talent. Your garden is spectacular no matter the season!

  17. How romantic!!! You're a pretty gypsy queen!

  18. I constantly love your blog! Sorry I haven't commented in September, I was in farthest India. I'm back now!

  19. So very marvelous! Those boots are the perfect choice to compliment an outdoor session of guitar playing.

    ♥ Jessica


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