Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Spring Tale: The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies O!


There were three gypsies a come to my door,
And downstairs ran this lady, O!
One sang high and another sang low,
And the other sang bonny, bonny, Biscay, O!
Then she pulled off her silk finished gown
And put on hose of leather, O!
The ragged, ragged, rags about our door,
She's gone with the wraggle taggle gypsies, O!



It was late last night, when my lord came home,
Enquiring for his a-lady, O!
The servants said, on every hand,
She's gone with the wraggle taggle gypsies, O!
O saddle to me my milk-white steed,
Go and fetch me my pony, O!
That I may ride and seek my bride,
Who is gone with the wraggle taggle gypsies, O!


O he rode high and he rode low,
He rode through woods and copses too,
Until he came to an open field,
And there he espied his a-lady, O!
What makes you leave your home and land?
What makes you leave your money, O?
What makes you leave your new wedded lord?
To go with the wraggle taggle gypsies, O!


What care I for my house and my land?
What care I for my money, O?
What care I for my new wedded lord?
I'm off with the wraggle taggle gypsies, O!
Last night you slept on a goose-feather bed,
With the sheet turned down so bravely, O!
And to-night you'll sleep in a cold open field,
Along with the wraggle taggle gypsies, O!


What care I for a goose-feather bed?
With the sheet turned down so bravely, O!
For to-night I shall sleep in a cold open field,
Along with the wraggle taggle gypsies, O!



 The Gypsy Outfit:
Red Off The Shoulder Dress: bought from Ebay
Blue Sequin Cuff: very old from the high street
Nude Pink Shoes: old from New Look in the sale
The Lady Outfit:
Vintage Victorian White Silk Satin With Black Velvet Stripe Skirt and Bodice: passed down from late granny Kiki and her mother, and possibly her mother before her. I can't do the bodice up, it's far too small for my bust!
Black Top Underneath: from a charity shop
Black Suede Court Shoes: old from Hobbs
Vintage Style Drop Earrings: from Accessorize
The Soundtrack
Traditional English Folk Song: The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies O!
Photographs taken by me, self portraits using the timer on my little digital camera. 
 I used the video function on my little camera for the first time, to make an out-of-focus/atmospheric clip; turns out that walking and singing and filming all at once isn't that easy....

This tale is the first in a series I'll create, of longer multi-outfit posts, with one planned to celebrate the beauty and nature of each season. The Spring tale was delayed by bad weather slowing down the growth of the bluebells, but here they are now and oh so very beautiful!
Let's savour the last days of Spring before Summer has truly arrived.
I'm delighted to be a part of the next Visible Monday, hosted by the lovely Patti from www.notdeadyetstyle.blogspot.co.uk, click on the website link to see her outfit and those of many others.


  1. Stunning pics full of drama, I love both the outfits, you look amazing...xXx

  2. Really amazing looks, both dresses are brilliant! love the print of that red one!

  3. That Victorian dress is a stunner, how amazing to have it passed down to you. It's a shame it doesn't fit properly, at least it's good for shoots though.

    What a gorgeous forest! Those bluebells are divine (as are you). Unfortunately I couldn't view the video due to current Internet speed, but the photos are beautiful, the shot of you leaning against the tree is my favourite. x

  4. You are an amazing and talented story teller. Both ensembles are enchanting and I've never seen such a beautiful display of bluebells. Looking forward to you multi-outfit series and congratulations on the video. I haven't been brave enough to give that a try -- yet.

  5. Stunning photographs!! I cannot believe how beautiful that Victorian gown is.

    One of my favorite American folk songs is "the Black Jack Davey" (sung here by Cliff Carlisle in the '30s: http://youtu.be/3xKoNs2UBxM) which I've just realized comes from this "Wraggle Taggle Gypsies" song!! Funnily enough, it's one of those songs I always associated with Springtime, too; there's something about the allure of the newly green woods!

  6. What stunning dresses, that Victorian striped one is very of it's time, I've a daguerreotype of a relative wearing one and looking almost as beautiful as you do.
    We used to sing that song as junior school! xxx

  7. I almost can't believe the lady outfit, it's so amazing and you're so lucky to have it. These are beautiful photos and the perfect words to go with them. :)

  8. Your pictures are always so magical, I could keep looking at them all day xxx

  9. Lovely, the black and white stripe makes me think of Renoir's painting, La Loge.

  10. THe Lady outfit is just stunning! you are so lucky to have this piece!


  11. I adore Kiki's striped frock.

  12. I'm in love with striped dress!

  13. beautiful blog!!!! nice post! love your gypsy header, doll.


  14. Very romantic, both dresses! (I have the same bed!)

  15. i love your photos. they are beautiful.

  16. I saw your first pic, and I thought I was in a dream of a red dress goddess of the woods, then came the second pic with that fabulous victorian dress like a tru painting, and I had no more words. I just flew from pic to pic in this magic dream, my dearest Emalina.

  17. Emalina, I was waiting for the purple faeries to come flying out of the lavender flowers and land on your shoulders.
    The Vintage Victorian White Silk Satin With Black Velvet Stripe Skirt and Bodice history is amazing because of its history and family connection and is in trend with the black and white spring 2013 collections.
    Just lovely my friend!

  18. Yet again a wonderful post. In those photos with you in a red dress and among the trees you look like a forest nymph, so amazingly beautiful! The dress is fantastic: the colour, the off shoulder design. And in that stripped dress you look absolutely different, like a lady of the Victorian time. Splendid!

  19. WOW - I love them BOTH. The red dress in the forest with the bluebells is AMAZING and the black and white is absolutely spectacular. I love this post so much!

    Sarah xxx

  20. The way in which you wove two markedly different outfits together throughout the same post is strikingly lovely (and inspiring - perhaps one day I will follow your lead and do the same). I adore both looks, one free spirited as the day is long, the other more structured, but in no way less beautiful.

    Everything you wear, write and share with us is a joy to behold, dear Emalina.

    ♥ Jessica

  21. this black and white dress is absolutely adorable. i can't believe how modern this dress looks. these kind of stripes are everywhere in high street shops now ...
    i like the red dress too. it looks awesome on you - but personally i wouldn't like to wear it because of the fabric.

  22. Such beautiful dresses and photos. The red dress out in the setting of the woods and the bluebells is stunning, and the Victorian skirt and bodice is an amazing heirloom. You always look fantastic!
    The song reminds me of my mum, she always sang it to us as kids, then we learnt it at school but of course it was already familiar to me! xxxx

  23. You seem to be a dreamer and that's the best kind of people!

  24. That Victorian striped number is a dream! You are so lucky to have inherited it. I love the spring flowers too.

  25. Oh my dear!!! You have no idea how much this post delighted me!! So creative with so many evocative elements. The loveliness of the clothing, the setting, your beauty, and the song meshed together in a wonderful, sweet tale. Thank you!! XXOO

  26. Such loveliness--you are magic and myth rolled into one dreamy voice! Always a pleasure to see your creations.

    blue hue wonderladn

  27. Enchanting and magical! I always enjoy your photos and stories, what a gift you have. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  28. I am quite speechless and I want you to know I'm giving you my own standing ovation right in front of the computer. So well done! Emiline, this is beautiful, magical and brilliant. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  29. What happened to the snow? It cleared away for the bluebells. What of the furs and petticoats? They made way for bare skin for the sun to kiss pale shoulders. Em, this is such a beautiful post ... utterly, utterly gorgeous!!! I'm so sorry I haven't visited earlier, but I'm here now and so happy am I, listening to your lovely voice in the peaceful woods. So quiet ... a splendid setting for the lady to loosen her collar, discard her corset and away with the gypsys:). Beautiful my friend. xoxoxoxo

  30. Pretty contrast and combinations! Sweet illustration of that old ballad. The little red dress is both modern and romantic ... adds a nice twist to the story! And isn't it interesting the modern look the stripes have these days? Lovely, you and the story.

  31. Oh goodness, this is enchanting! I love the whole Gypsy aura and culture so much. You've captured that magic. Beautiful.
    Accordion to Kellie

  32. Love, love, love. I feel I've stepped into a John Singer Sargent, en plein air.

  33. oh wow 2 breathtaking outfits, i love this red gipsy dress it has a spanish flamenco touch which i totally love and well you can never go wrong with black and white stripes! the lady dress is just fabulous!
    lots of love and kisses,mary

  34. I just got back from the land of the gypsies myself - what a gorgeous post - a feast for the eyes! The red dress and the field of bluebells, that beautiful victorian gown - and I love how you slip seamlessly from one role to the other in these photos.
    I remember writing romantic stories as a girl about young ladies running away with the gypsies - and well of course they would, wouldn't they?
    I look forward to your future narratives!

  35. You look like a painting in that striped dress. But I can see why that lady would want to throw off the black and white and join the gypsies wearing that gorgeous dress! You've created a lovely dream here.

  36. Oh Emalina, your voice is heavenly. Thank you so much for sharing. This post is pure magic. The gypsy, a vision of beauty in red, adrift in a sea of bluebells...the equally beautiful lady, in a setting more controlled yet still beautiful. I adore that red dress! It's so, so pretty.

    I think there's a little gypsy in all of us.

    Sue xo

  37. Emalina, I am mesmerized! Your voice is beautiful! I love that black and white striped dress. It's a knock-out, totally magic, and you look stunning in it!! I loved every word of this post. My grandmother was raised in a covered wagon. They travelled everywhere. She loved clothes and had a wandering sort of spirit. Everyone said she was a gypsy. But she never would talk about it. :)


  38. The black and white dress is stunning. Too bad it is too small to do up. You are lucky to have such a treasure.

  39. First of all, you have so many beautiful dresses! You look like a nature goddess. :) Second of all, did Gaelic Storm borrow part of this song for Scalliwag? I don't know as much about traditional folk music as I'd like, but I'm almost positive they sing these lyrics in Scalliwag. Anyway, you look (and sound) great. :)

  40. I can't wait for the next post of this kind. I especially like the video.


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