Sunday, 5 May 2013

Wild Flower Blue Orient




Into my mirror has walked
A woman who will not talk
Of love or of its subsidiaries,
But who stands there,
Pleased by her own silence.
The weather has worn into her
All seasons known to me,
In one breast she holds
Evidence of forests,
In the other, of seas.
I will ask her nothing yet
Would ask so much
If she gave some sign-
Her shape is common enough,
Enough shape to love.
But what keeps me here
Is what glows beyond her.
I think at times
A boy's body
Would be as easy
To read light into,
I think at times
My own might do.
Brian Patten, via 1




 The Outfit:
Vintage Blue Chinese Tunic: bought from a Chinese store on the left bank of Paris in the late 1990s when I lived there
Vintage Turquoise Indian Quilted Skirt: passed down from granny Penny
Miniature Vintage Japanese Fan, worn in hair: passed down from granny Penny
Pink Brazilian Wedge Sandals: a gift from a friend
Vintage Chinese Parasol: passed down from granny Kiki
White flower clip, just seen: Accessorize

The Soundtrack
Patti Smith Group: Wave

Photographs taken by me, self portraits using the timer on my little digital camera.

I'm delighted to be a part of the next Visible Monday, hosted by the lovely Patti from, click on the website link to see her outfit and those of many others.

I've also just linked this post to Shoe Shine, a great new event hosted by the uber-cool Bella of, click on the website to see her cute shoes and those of many others.


  1. BEAUTIFUL...Love the quilted skirt...Love the photos of the spring flowers x

  2. Lovely, magical photos! That parasol is a great touch :)

  3. Just lovely - the blue is beautiful on you and the setting is heavenly. xo

  4. What a pretty blue, and a lovely combination. Your photos are breathtakingly beautiful!

  5. Fabulous oriental flair in your blue attire, my always inspiring Emaline.

  6. Amazing - lush images, sumptuous fabrics, stunning light, fantastic poem! Gorgeous.

  7. How gorgeous you look, my dear, in those stunning shades of blue among the wild flowers and the dappled light. What a beautiful outfit, very elegant. And ooh, Brian Patten, I haven't thought about him for years, I will have to go and unearth some from my collection of poetry books immediately! Hope you are having a lovely sunny weekend. xxxx

  8. These pictures are stunning!
    Becky :)

  9. I feel so relax and happy after I read your blogs and see all the beauty of your surroundings, your outfits and earthy spirit that is always present on your posts!!!

  10. What an absolute vision you are. You look beautiful in that stunning blue. How lovely to see those flowers trees and gorgeous sunshine in these photos and in your wonderful post below too, great quote from EM Forster and I love the soundtrack as well as that edwardian lace. Always love seeing your posts. X

  11. Love the Asian influence. So much joy to be out frolicking among the flowers! The flowers were you at are so beautiful. It's almost like you are in your own "Secret Garden".

  12. What a stunning skirt, I love it with your Chinese top! What an exquisite background, too! Love me a bit of Patti Smith, best act I saw last year! xxx

  13. Asian influences, blue, spring-toe-nails and Patti Smith. About as good as it gets.

  14. I adore this Chinese top and quilted skirt - one of my favorite color combinations too. You look lovely, Emalina, and of course the settings are heavenly! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  15. I love your wild blue orient! Glamorous and fun! The shoes are great. (I wish my feet were so pretty!) I love the flowers blooming. I am so glad you have held onto these clothes you inherited, because we get to see them!


  16. oh wow, that blue Asian shirt is stunning! The color is so rich!

  17. So very Oriental! Combining the Chinese top with the Indian skirt you got stunning result! The parasol is a dream, I want something like this too.

  18. Lovely colours. I have a Chinese jacket that I can't bear to part with although it no longer fits me, it has sentimental connotations, but it does seem such a waste! I adore parasols too.

  19. I love the poem. I bought a book of Brian Pattern's poetry in a charity shop only yesterday. Mind meld! xx

  20. Adorned in beauty and serenaded by Patti Smith. What could be more perfect. I love the mix of blues and your playful presentation in the midst of nature. You have announced the arrival of Spring!

  21. Fabulous! I added these photos to my parasol board on Pinterest!

  22. What a fantastic ambiance you have created with this sumptuous jewel-toned outfit and parasol in this setting. The poetry always spins me into another zone. Beautiful.

  23. wooow what a beautiful geisha you are!!! that electric blue suits you perfectly darling! and i adore that hairstyle!
    lots of love and kisses ,mary

  24. Love your Chinese outfit in the springy surroundings. I didn't know that you lived in Paris. How wonderful!

  25. Oh my, how lovely you are my dear! The close-up of you with that parasol is divine!!!
    xxxx Tani

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  28. Oh yes, I know of your blog. It's so beautiful! I like your style and wonderful pictures. You capture such a feeling of a past when time was slower and more romantic.

    blue hue wonderland

  29. So glad you dropped by our blog so we could discover yours! Your style is so unique and refreshing - what a joy! And your photos are superb, I'll be back, that's certain!
    XO ~Kim @

  30. I love your blog! I love the gipsy style. :)

    Can we be blog friends? I started to follow you. feel free to follow back on

  31. Excellente oriental outfit! Like Mme Butterfly in Puccini's opera!

  32. Emalina you look like a dream. I love the entire ensemble!

  33. What an immensely pretty Asian outfit, you look radiantly lovely, dear gal. A few months ago (after looking for such a piece for quite some time) I bought my first vintage dress with and Asian pattern on it (it's a Western style cut, but the fabric features Japanese characters and motifs). We have a lovely little Japanese serenity garden here in our town and I'm planning to do a shoot in that dress there later this year.

    ♥ Jessica

  34. I love this ensemble... your closets must hold so many, many treasures... but it is your beauty that breathes such life into each one! It is always such a treat to come here for a visit! Thank you dear Emalina!


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