Kiki and the Gypsy has been started to celebrate the incredible romantic designs of my late grandmother Kiki, who was a couturier, costume designer, and seamstress in the 1930s to the 1950s, with her own couture label Kiki Couture at St. Martins In The Fields, London, UK.

Yet this blog could also be named after my late grandmother Penny and my mother Sue, because over the years all three glamorous women have given me their most cherished heirloom clothes, helping me to develop a 19th century pre-raphaelite meets 1930s gypsy style, with a bit of 1970s romance thrown in for good measure.

In this blog I will share my own mostly un- retouched photographs, and play dress up to document my collection of vintage clothes, especially Kiki's unique designs.


All images with the Kiki and the Gypsy label have been taken by myself or my partner, using my very basic little camera.
The others are by professional photographers and artists, and are credited as such, as are all quotes and poetry gleaned from other sources.

Who am I? An extroverted recluse living in the wilds of Devon. Always happy to hear from you, so feel free to be in touch.

My email address: emalinaeve@gmail.com



  1. Emalina, I loved reading about the clothes-collecting, glamorous women in your family! I am enchanted by your blog! I love the header picture -- that place looks so very inviting and sweet. I am also in love with some of the outdoors and garden pictures you have posted!

    Your friend,

    1. Thanks very much dear Lynn! It's lovely to have found you all the way across the globe, and I'm so glad you're enjoying this new blog. Looking forward to staying in touch, from one long haired dress wearing country woman to another...


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