Tuesday, 24 May 2016


No one understood the perfume
of the dark magnolia of your womb.
Nobody knew that you tormented
a hummingbird of love between your teeth.

A thousand Persian little horses fell asleep
in the plaza with moon of your forehead,
while through four nights I embraced
your waist, enemy of the snow.

Between plaster and jasmines, your glance
was a pale branch of seeds.
I sought in my heart to give you
the ivory letters that say "siempre",

"siempre", "siempre" : garden of my agony,
your body elusive always,
that blood of your veins in my mouth,
your mouth already lightless for my death.

Gacela of Unseen Love by Federico Garcia Lorca
via here

                                                                         The Outfit
Dress - from a charity shop, originally Oasis
Flower Hair Clip - Accessorize
Vintage Chinese Paper Parasol - from Great Granny Kiki

The Soundtrack
Florence And The Machine - Delilah

I thought it was time to show my face after 2 years of twin parenting. The dark shadows and lines have inevitably worsened, but the desire to dress up like a hippy preraphaelite continues unabated!
ps. I'm finding the formatting of these posts seems to have changed weirdly, so bear with me if there are some big gaps like the one below!

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