Sunday, 30 November 2014


Colour which, like music, is a matter of vibrations, reaches what is most general and therefore most indefinable in nature: its inner power.”  
Painter Paul Gauguin, via 1

 The Outfit
Maxi Dress: Charity Shop
Floral Head band: made from a floral band from a sunhat, charity shop
Sandals: Toast

The Soundtrack
Kate Bush: Hello Earth

Well here I am updating my blog rather later than planned, all those of you who are parents will have known my plan to blog once a month was laughable! The babies are 6 months old now and I am finally getting the occasional moment of spare time. This photoshoot, totally the wrong season, was taken in August 3 months after the babies were born, when they still took long enough naps for me to take photographs. I shall endeavour to create more posts in the months to come but it'll be a while before I can do so as regularly as I used to. Unfortunately I never get time to comment on your blogs anymore, I rarely have a chance to read them but I so love it when I do.


  1. gorgeous outfit and photos :)

  2. I was so excited when I saw this post pop up on my dash! Was thinking of you only a few days ago and wondering how you were doing (and hoping you were getting some good sleep!) Your blogging hiatus is completely understandable, I have enough trouble posting once a month and I don't have two babies to look after! I can't believe the twins are 6 months old already, I can hardly imagine what an amazing, wild experience early parenthood (especially to twins) must be. You look gorgeous and those colours are incredible - that Painter Paul Gauguin quote is extremely fitting. I approve of your soundtrack, too.

    Sending my best to you, Mr Eve and the babies (and your cats!) and also wishing you some sleep and spare time! xxx

  3. I didn't realize you had babies! I went back a post to see them and they are so pretty! I'd love to see what they look like now!

  4. It was such an unexpected delight to get your comment and then to see you floating radiantly in your summer garden. I like to imagine your 3 month old babies snoozing in a bower, stage right, waiting for their Titania-like mother to scoop them up again.
    Ah and Kate Bush's 'hello earth'. Seeing her perform the whole of the ninth wave back in September was astonishing (most especially in the context of what was happening simultaneously with my grandad at that time).
    Wishing you all great joy in sharing your first Christmas together.

  5. Brightest blessings of the season Emalina! I was away when you posted this, and I'm late saying hello! Busy is to be expected, and we'll see you when you next get the opportunity!

  6. Being short and curvy, maxi dresses and I don't always get along, but they're a style that I very much enjoy and adore in principle. They rock on you and and always, you look so immensely pretty here, sweet lady.

    With all my heart I wish a marvelously happy, healthy, fun filled, and beautiful 2015!
    ♥ Jessica

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